If your Plesk AdminPanel is refused the connection  it may be due to an unsecure/outdated certificate.


Try to create e new self-signed certificate to get back your AdminPanel:

Rename the old certificate

# cd /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/
# mv httpsd.pem{,.old}

Create a new self signed certificate

# openssl req -new -nodes -x509 -out httpsd.pem -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout httpsd.pem -days 3650

Restart the Service

# service sw-cp-server restart


Watson report about to be sent for process id: XXXX, with parameters: E12IIS, c-RTL-AMD64, 15.00.1156.006

After installing Exchange 2013 CU11 customers reportet errors sending emails with outlook in online mode (terminal-severs sessions). Outlook reported message “the operation failed” when clicking the send button.


Exchange logged an event in the application log at the same time:

Event ID: 4999

Watson report about to be sent for process id: 4860, with parameters: E12IIS, c-RTL-AMD64, 15.00.1156.006, M.E.RpcClientAccess.Service, M.E.Data.Storage, M.E.D.S.MemoryPropertyBag.TryGetStoreProperty, M.E.D.Storage.NotInBagPropertyErrorException, 246e, 15.00.1156.002.
ErrorReportingEnabled: False

After a lot of torubleshooting we found the error to be related to the “SeppMail Plugin” for Outlook.  Disabling the SeppMail Plugin solved the problem for the moment.

will update to the post as soon as we found a solution.


Update 01/03/2016:

There is no newer update for SeppMail which solves the problem. Recreating outlook profile seems to be the only way so far.

Failed to synchronize Details: Unsupported method.

After updating our Cloud Connect Infrastructure to the latest Veeam Patch our customers reported the following error when synchronizing their repository:

Failed to synchronize <RepoName> Details: Unsupported method.
Agent failed to process method {Stg.SetGlobalOptions}.

Restarting services as well as rebooting the whole server did not help to solve. I had to reapply all settings by doing the following procedure:

  1. On your Veeam B&R Console go to “Backup Infrastructure” and click on “Backup Repositories”
  2. Choose your Repository from the list and choose “Properties”
  3. Go trough all the settings and click finish.

After the wizard has completed your customers should be able to continue their backups.


Source backup file has different block size. Expected block size: 512

If you configure a backup copy job within Veeam and get this error it quite likely happens because you have chosen “LAN Target” for storage optimization on your basic backup job. Jobs with this settings have another block size and will not process with copy jobs – even not with Veeam Cloud Connect.

Error you will see:


The only solution that worked for me was to perform a new active backup (on the source job) or delete all the backup files and start over (in case you do not have enough space for additional full backups).


Change “Storage optimization” to local target and start your full backup. After all your copy job will work like it should.

vCloud EdgeGateway has poor speed

This week i had two EdgeGateways with very poor performance: all in- and outbound connections have been limited by around 10mbit – 15mbit max (for all connections). As i dont have configured “Rate Limits” this should definitely be faster… Several test have shown that all connections are affected – LAN as well as WAN. I decided to just redeploy the EdgeGatway because i just run some private stuff on that network (be carefully when redeploy, connections can be disconnected for some seconds). Even the new deployed EdgeGateway did not solve the problem: speed stayed around 10mbit.

At the end i was successfully by just configuring a rate limit and save the new configuration. To my surprise the problem solved immediately and all connections performed perfectly. i tried to disable the Rate Limit again but the problem did not occur again.


It seems like the EdgeGateway had some wrong values for Rate Limit which where not shown within the GUI. Setting and deleting the values probably corrected this.

Veeam Backup stops working with error…

Some days ago i run into a problem with Veeam: My repository server crashed while backing up my customers virtual machines. in fact, the vSphere server on which the repository server is running had a purple screen. This was not the first time this happens but it was the first time my existing backups where no longer usable and further jobs stopped with an error: [StorageSortedList] Internal error: circular references near storage Veeam.Backup.Core.CStorage is found.


This error appears if you start again the backup job or if you open “properties” of you backup set. because google did not even find one entry about this error i posted it on the forums of veeam and tried to find a solution myself. unfortunately i was not successful so far. my workaround was to backup all veeam repository (backup) files and start over with a new set. To do so you have to also delete the database records for those backups. after that you can start over with a new set.

As far as i know this happens only if you have configured forward-incremental with synthetic full and your backup server crashes while transforming the synthetic full. i still wait for an answer from veeam and will update the post as soon as possible.