vCloud EdgeGateway has poor speed

This week i had two EdgeGateways with very poor performance: all in- and outbound connections have been limited by around 10mbit – 15mbit max (for all connections). As i dont have configured “Rate Limits” this should definitely be faster… Several test have shown that all connections are affected – LAN as well as WAN. I decided to just redeploy the EdgeGatway because i just run some private stuff on that network (be carefully when redeploy, connections can be disconnected for some seconds). Even the new deployed EdgeGateway did not solve the problem: speed stayed around 10mbit.

At the end i was successfully by just configuring a rate limit and save the new configuration. To my surprise the problem solved immediately and all connections performed perfectly. i tried to disable the Rate Limit again but the problem did not occur again.


It seems like the EdgeGateway had some wrong values for Rate Limit which where not shown within the GUI. Setting and deleting the values probably corrected this.